de jaune et de bleu unfiltered: freebies

On the web, with our clients, outside, by mail, email or over the phone, we are impressed by the striking creativity or pragmatism we hear from time to time. We wanted to pay tribute to these online and offline situations, somewhat perfect to break the ice.

Let's speak de jaune et de bleu

Our name is singular: French phrasing, full lowercase words, and a conceptual meaning. For sure, it isn't the easiest studio name to write. Now, have you tried to say it out loud? Yes, this is what French is all about: a guilt-free treat for the ears. And if we love the French sound of it, we love even more when non-French speaking people get to own it.

People stumble quite often on our studio name on the first time. We see and hear DE JAUNE ET DE BLEU, De jaune et de bleu, De Jaune Et De Bleu, de Jaune et de Bleu, 2 jaune et 2 bleu, 2 jaune & 2 bleu, de jaune & de bleu, dejaunetdebleu, 2jauneet2bleu, and 2jaune&2bleu. On administrative grounds, we are sometimes compelled to use standard writing forms, such as De jaune et de bleu and DE JAUNE ET DE BLEU as well. What a shame. Don't be fulled, de jaune et de bleu is our favorite studio name.

Startup? Web agency?

Are you a startup? Are you a web agency? What do you mean by digital atelier?

Good question! Let's say that de jaune et de bleu works in this ecosystem. If startups create disrupting products, services or processes, we are sure there to convey their inventiveness in their digital communication. As a young digital studio ourselves, we are familiar with the requirements startups expect.

This leads us to web agencies. We consider de jaune et de bleu as a digital atelier or studio, rather than a web agency. Because we imagine and build in-house the core of our projects. Because we are clear about what we are good at, what we can and about what we call for virtuous collaborations with other creative and technical peers. We think this nuance defines who we are and what we do. You may also have noticed that we use the term atelier rather than studio. Both work just fine, but we prefer this craft & Frenchy word.

We live in a world where we can get websites for free

Yes, we agree and that's no news. It's possible to get a website for free. But the real question is: if everybody can do a website for free, what will differenciate one site from the existing crowd? If the web is open to all, does everyone have a chance to shine?

Digital is an "augmented" channel, where user experience gets richer every day and new opportunities are never far ahead. Digital is technology, not one but plenty and changing ones. Digital is a dimension where digital skills, reactivity, flexibility and basically an eager to learn make a difference. Starting from that, you own to decide what your digital territory is going to be.

At de jaune et de bleu, we team up with you to imagine it. Name it, we design it: web design, mobile design, UX, UI, branded content, illustration, motion design, video, 3D and PowerPoint / Keynote presentation. Name it, we build it: web site, landing page, promotional site, blog, newsletter, WordPress plugins and developments, app.